DBS Bank Collaborates with Heartware Network to Develop Youths

Feb 03, 2021   |   Heartware Network

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Heartware Network has partnered with various organizations over the past two decades to provide enriching experiences to develop Singapore’s youths. One example is DBS Bank Ltd, who organised a series of workshops to equip youths with management skills in 2020. Welson Jamin, Managing Director, Technology & Operations and Tan Zheng Ting, Graduate Associate, Technology & Operations share their thoughts on the experience.

How was your experience in participating in the programme/event?

Welson: It was a novel experience to conduct such a virtual ‘OutTeach’ workshop. The lack of physical interactions did not hinder us from leveraging on technology to have engaging sessions with enthusiastic participants. It was especially fulfilling to hear that the Heartware Network youth volunteers found these virtual workshops effective. I am grateful that despite the pandemic situation, we can continue to give back and play a part in making a positive impact to the society.

Zheng Ting: Having been accustomed to volunteering with face-to-face interaction, being a part of this event was an eye-opening experience for me. The virtual conduct of the workshop series has enlightened me on how positive impact can continue to be delivered through innovative ways amidst the Covid-19 situation. Events focusing on youth empowerment is a first for me and having been through that, I now understand how important and relevant advice can help youths pave the way to reach their goals. I am very honoured to be on the giving end this time round.


Why did you/your company decide to collaborate with Heartware Network? 

Welson: At DBS, we encourage collaboration with different sectors of the society, including the aged and youths in our skilled volunteerism program. Since Heartware network focuses on youths, we feel that there is common goal and synergy in which we can value-add in the collaboration, by sharing our corporate and management skillsets with these youths.


Do you think it is important for organisations to prioritise investing in youth development? If so, why?

Welson: The youths are the future leaders of our society. Investing in youth development programs will help hone the skills of our youths, prepare them for the future and steer them toward building a more sustainable society.


How has collaborating with Heartware changed your view on youth development and volunteerism?

Welson: Partnering with Heartware has increased my awareness of the importance of youth volunteerism. It is very inspiring to see youths taking time to attend workshops for self-development and contributing positively to the society through volunteering despite their busy schedules.

Zheng Ting: This collaboration opportunity has deepened my understanding on the importance of youth development and volunteerism. From the positive feedback received from the participants, I now understand how pertinent advice and experience sharing can go a long way in developing youths. Youth volunteerism not only teaches valuable life skills, but more importantly inculcates a mindset of giving back to society. Heartware Network has done an excellent job in creating a platform to bridge these 2 areas together to allow for the holistic development of youths.

Heartware Network, together with its partners, strives to guide youths on their paths towards their dream careers and continues to spread the message about the importance of youth development. We are constantly on the lookout for like-minded organizations to provide innovative and unique experiences for our youths.

Learn more at:  https://heartware.org. Contact us at admin@heartware-network.org or call us at +65 6609 4414 for more information.