Heartware Tuition Programme

For children, whose parents are incarcerated or from low-income backgrounds, keeping up with their academics is an uphill battle. The motivation to learn wanes rapidly with the lack of positive role models in their lives. The Heartware Tuition Programme aims to place these children on equal footing with their peers through free weekly tuition, driven by youth volunteers from tertiary institutions.


To inquire about the programme, drop an email to hwtpadmin@heartware-network.org

We Hope Volunteers Can:

Provide quality educational guidance

Practice compassionate learning

Foster positive values

Impart life skills

Heartware Support Our Pioneers Programme

Without knowing who to seek for assistance, many vulnerable seniors living in HDB rental flats slip through social safety nets and struggle in silence while coping with their daily needs. The Heartware Support Our Pioneers Programme aims to bridge intergenerational divide through bi-weekly home visitations and quarterly outings.Youth volunteers are trained to identify real needs of the elderly, and render social and emotional support.

Visitations are conducted in Yishun, Taman Jurong, Lengkok Bahru, Tanjong Pagar, and Pasir Ris.

To inquire about the programme, drop an email to hwsopadmin@heartware-network.org

We Hope Volunteers Can:

Serve needs of desolate elderly with compassion, care, and purpose

Improve living conditions of desolate elderly through home refurbishments

Motivate elderly to age actively and positively

Heartware - National Day Parade Hospitality Management

As Singapore commemorates her independence this National Day Parade (NDP) on August 9, Heartware Network will once again rally youths in support of the nation’s birthday. This National Day, we invite you to be part of our NDP volunteer team. Join in on the action, gain leadership skills and meet new friends! Training will be provided to equip you with the skills needed to serve as part of the hospitality management team at the event.

To inquire about the programme, drop an email to hwndpadmin@heartware-network.org

We Hope Volunteers Can:

Own their national identity and pride in the nation’s celebration

Apply leadership and communication skills to manage a volunteer contingent

Be an active citizen while applying crowd management skills

Heartware - Tanoto Foundation Learning Together Programme

Heartware Network rolled out the Heartware Learning Together Programme (HW-TFLTP) during the Covid-19 circuit breaker period to provide learning support for vulnerable students at the lower primary level to improve their literacy skills. Volunteers help to augment the efforts of participating primary schools by reinforcing the students’ learning through online and in-person reading sessions twice a week for 30 minutes at a time.

We hope volunteers can:

Foster good relationships and positive values

Encourage intellectual curiosity and a love of learning

Practice compassionate learning

President's Challenge Volunteer Drive

The President’s Challenge Volunteer Drive encourages members of the public from all walks of life to dedicate their time and talent towards helping and caring for those in need, and to create a cohesive, caring and inclusive society. Since 2018, Heartware Network has been honoured to be entrusted with the role of a Volunteer Manager under the President’s Challenge Volunteer Drive.

With almost two decades of experience in consistent volunteer management, Heartware Network is able to help beneficiaries of other social service organisations through this collaboration. Through activities such as befriending efforts, home refurbishments and workshops, our youth and corporate volunteers are able to serve almost the gamut of President’s Challenge benefiting organisations categories: Children, Youth & Family; Disability; Eldercare; Mental Health Services; Healthcare; Rehabilitation; Sports and Cross Sectors.

We Hope Volunteers Can:

Understand the needs of different under-served communities

Help build a more empathetic and inclusive society

Interact and forge meaningful relationships between volunteers and beneficiaries

River Hong Bao

In collaboration with the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clans Association (SFCCA) for the River Hong Bao Project, Heartware Network volunteers serve as Volunteer Liaison Officers (VLO) responsible for hosting performers from China and Taiwan, and as ushers during the Chingay Parade.

In addition to management of their fellow volunteers, the Volunteer Liaison Committee (VLC) plans training sessions for the VLOs and Ushers, as well as their deployments for the management of performers and Chingay Parade.

While spending the Chinese New Year period on 7 consecutive days of shifts and 3 full days of the Chingay Parade proves emotionally and physically trying, our volunteers are able foster a deeper sense of appreciation for other cultures, as well as their own families and traditions.

We Hope Volunteers Can:

Apply leadership and communication skills to manage international performers

Hone people and project management skills to execute itineraries and deployment plans

Be exposed to diverse communities and develop cultural sensitivity