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To keep this worthwhile cause going, we cannot do it alone. Your donation will be of great value to our volunteers who require the funding to execute their carefully planned programmes, and serve our vulnerable communities. Raise your company’s profile and corporate image as a socially responsible industry leader by partnering with us!

If you wish to donate to our cause, you may do so via PayNow:
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Alternatively, you may make a cheque payable to “Heartware Network”.
You may send your cheque to:
Heartware Network
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Singapore 160568

Tel: 6509 4414

Contact us at 6509 4414 for more information, or drop us an email to


This year, it marks Heartware Network’s 21st anniversary, an important time which signifies Heartware Network’s growth as an organisation.

The 21st birthday is a celebrated milestone with the customary symbol of a key as it signifies the start of adulthood and the independence it brings.

As Heartware Network commemorates our 21st anniversary, we remember these years not by time but by the lives impacted and the communities enriched. And it doesn’t stop here, we continue to chart our path forward in unlocking a better future with the key that we have – our youths.

Playing the Song of our Hearts

This commemorative publication sings the song of our hearts – one that beats with purpose, potential and passion – as we nurture our next generation of leaders who will pave the way to an even better tomorrow.

Inspired by Spotify, a music streaming app popular amongst youths, this publication is designed to reflect our vibrant and youthful culture through bright colours and trendy elements.

As you “listen” to our playlists, may you join us in recollecting and cherishing our key moments, and be inspired to sing along with us.

Join in our Chorus

You too can be a part of our song in unlocking the key to a better future.

You may show your support for our efforts and programmes while having the opportunity to expose your brand to our community of advisors, partners and volunteers through sponsorship advertisements featured in this commemorative publication.

With every voice, we are empowered to continue impacting and inspiring, one youth at a time.

The song would be played to 22,000 Heartware youths, 300 school partners, 50 community and corporate partners. More than 50,000 of Heartware friends would be able to receive a copy of our commemorative book.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Name: Tan See Leng


Contact Number: 9642 6720