Youth Business Singapore (YBS)

Youth Business Singapore (YBS) is part of Heartware Network, a youth charitable organisation which focuses on developing youths into young community champions across all societal strata. We aim to inspire and empower youth entrepreneurs to make their great business ideas happen and incorporate businesses with sustainable development goals (SDGs).

As a central node for start-ups and entrepreneurs, YBS seeks to support youth entrepreneurs in their start-up and scaling phase, youth running SMEs, and youth running their family-owned-businesses, by facilitating in these 5 key areas:

We hope to:

Support local youth entrepreneurs in their start-up and scaling phase

Equip youth from disadvantaged background with lifeskills and a better understanding of career options after school

CAYE Asia - Pacific

The Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs – Asia Pacific (CAYE- Asia Pacific) is an alliance committed to promoting Young Entrepreneurship in the Commonwealth member countries of the Asia-Pacific region. CAYE – Asia-Pacific was established in 2011 and previously known as Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (CAYE) is a ‘network of networks’ of organisations representing Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Australia and Samoa, which engages with governments, the private sector, the media and other stakeholders to champion the cause of young entrepreneurship at the local, national, regional and international level. CAYE expand its network in 2018 with new members from Australia and Samoa. The Commonwealth Secretariat supports and has recognised CAYE – Asia-Pacific as an official part of the Commonwealth Youth Programme.


Asia-Commonwealth Business Summit

The inaugural Asia-Commonwealth Business Summit took place at Hilton Hotel, Singapore from 26 to 28 November. Organised by Kairos Asia Outreach and supported by the City of London, the Commonwealth, London Institude of Banking and Finance, Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Principals Academy, the summit aimed to provide insight into conducting business in Asia and discuss how Asia and the Commonwealth can collectively achieve prosperity in an increasingly borderless world.

The operations were run by a passionate team of Heartware Network youth volunteers, who, in addition to filling the roles of ushers and registration, acted as personal chaperones for the delegates. Through the many panel discussions, the youths were able to expand their perspectives on business, social responsibility and international relations, while making important contributions to the smooth running of the event.