Heartware – Character & Citizenship Education Leadership Programme

The Heartware – Character and Citizenship Education Leadership Programme is a highly experiential programme that links secondary schools to surrounding social service organisations, and creates the authentic service learning experience. Students are trained to adequately diagnose community issues close to their hearts, and design sustainable projects to alleviate the problems.

From learning journeys and inspirational series, to community projects guided by trained facilitators, students will find themselves excited about outreach opportunities, engage in community problem solving, and empowered with skills to rally and mentor peers in sustainable projects.

Alternatively, selected students will be involved in a professional attachment with corporate organisations. The attachment, guided by mentors, offers students a glimpse of the authentic work setting and broadens their horizon on possible future vocations.


Education is a tool to driving social mobility

Healthy mix of engaging theoretical and experiential learning

Provides students with more vocational options that better fit their interests

Cultivates spirit for servant leadership and community engagement

Students under the programme will be continually engaged through volunteerism via Youthbank, in both national-level projects like the National Day Parade and community outreach like Heartware Support Our Pioneers Programme.

Heartware Academy

Heartware Academy encourages youth to learn practical skills necessary for volunteering, and pass their knowledge down to the next generation of youth volunteers in a self-sustaining cycle.

Heartware Academy features a multi-disciplinary network of trainers who are dedicated in developing youth volunteers and leaders through various training and knowledge sharing sessions.

In time, we envision Heartware Academy to be a regional training hub where individuals from all walks of life convene, working collaboratively towards improving volunteering practices and the lives of those we serve.

Volunteer Facilitators

Volunteer Facilitators support their fellow volunteers in their training phase by critically analysing and improving deployments, facilitating training sessions and classroom discussions, and developing training materials to shape the minds of the future. They work hard to hone their public speaking and leadership skills, growing into effective facilitators that can revolutionize the standard of volunteerism in Singapore.


Media Volunteers

Media Volunteers consist of a group of exuberant, creative youths who are passionate about using their skills to generate meaningful content for the community. They are the creative forces behind many of Heartware Network’s photos, graphics, articles and social media posts, keeping our content youthful and vibrant!



Field Leaders

The Field Leaders are a group of volunteers specialized in planning and executing Heartware Network’s short term projects and ad hoc events. They assist and complement the work of Heartware staff, and are proficient in leading and debriefing volunteers during deployments. With the opportunity to interact with Heartware’s large and diverse group of community partners and beneficiaries, Field Leaders emerge with a holistic understanding of how to meaningfully engage and serve the community.

To inquire about the programme, drop an email to hwa.admin@heartware-network.org

We Hope Volunteers Can:

Build the next generation of youth volunteers and leaders

Facilitate exchange of knowledge to improve youth development efforts

Establish international networks to facilitate exchange of knowledge