Our Office Space

Heartware Network moved in to at 3,600sqf green and smart office space at Ganges Avenue on 17 July 2018. Its opening was celebrated with esteemed donors, sponsors and partners, and graced by Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for National Development.

The organisation is looking forward to leverage on the bigger space to support its growth in youth engagement and development for the local youth community.

The new Heartware Network office will host a multitude of activities within the same space, enabling the organisation to increase its engagement of youth volunteers to serve a wider community. These activities range from curation of community projects by youth leaders, selection of youth applicants for youth programmes and on-boarding & training of youth volunteers before they are deployed on the ground to provide services to the local communities.

With the increased activities in the new space, the usage of electricity and water has correspondingly increased. The organisation was glad to have the full support of DP Architects Pte Ltd, ABB Pte Ltd and Water + Plants Lab Pte Ltd, in designing the new eco-friendly office space.

A flexible and spontaneous work environment, the new 3,600sqf office showcases what the organisation represents – encouraging and empowering participation and volunteerism in youth. This is achieved through the introduction of a distinctive and iterative modular grid furniture system that iterates with various plug-in elements. The design also acts as a canvas for customizable spaces via tiered bleachers on wheels, loose seating and individual pedestals which can be packed back into the cabinetry.

Writable surfaces are also freely available throughout the space, encouraging participation from youths while allowing them to create their own identity within the space.

ABB Pte Ltd supported the organisation with energy monitoring and conservation equipment to enable its staff and youth volunteers to remotely toggle the air-conditioning, lights and blinds to suit their requirement, conveniently from a mobile application. The installation of these smart technologies is a first in Singapore for a social service organisation and will be providing significant energy savings for the organisation as we grow bigger and conduct more activities in the new office space.

Heartware Network would also like to thank additional sponsors that made the new eco-friendly and smart office possible:

  1. Courts (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  2. Europa Interior (S) Pte Ltd
  3. Formica (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  4. HMG Global Pte Ltd
  5. Sunscreen (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  6. TaZ Corporation Sdn Bhd
  7. Zenterra Group