Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership mentors and equips youth with skills to (1) plan large-scale community projects, and (2) lead other youth in executing them. We believe everyone can be a leader given the right opportunities and guidance.

Heartware - Character & Citizenship Education Leadership Programme

The Heartware (HW) – Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Leadership Programme is catered to selected Normal Stream and/or at-risk students who show inklings of leadership potential. Formally launched on 2014 by then-Minister of Education(MOE) Mr Heng Swee Keat, the semester-long programme is compliant with the MOE Elective Module Scheme (EMS).

Why HW-CCE Leadership Programme?

  • Education is a tool to driving social mobility
  • Healthy mix of engaging theoretical and experiential learning
  • Provides students with more vocational options that better fit their interests
  • Cultivates spirit for servant leadership and community engagement

Forget droning lectures; students can expect to cover many thought-provoking and holistic topics through exciting and purposeful hands-on activities. Detailed performance assessments help them chart their own growth, with either a community engagement project or professional attachment opportunities waiting at the end.

Students under the programme will be continually engaged through volunteerism via Youthbank, in both national-level projects like National Day Parades and community outreach like Support Our Pioneers.

Apprenticeship Opportunities


From 2011 to 2015, the aRWSome Apprenticeship Series ran as a fruitful partnership between Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) Cares and Heartware Network. The collaboration inspired students to explore a good range of vocations through mentorship programmes during the school holidays, thereby building up their curriculum vitae (CV) at a young age.

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Mentoring Community Project

Heartware also engages youth volunteer leaders to encourage and facilitate students in problem-solving projects that will benefit the community such as the elderly and young children. These leaders and students will be given the opportunity to recognize imperceptible yet important issues surrounding their community, and subsequently plan and execute projects aiming to remedy these problems.   

One movement to get youths to step up in taking up these challenges is the annual National Secondary School Student Leader Conference (NS3LC) organized by the National Youth Council (NYC) with the support of the Ministry of Education (MOE), and partly facilitated by Heartware Network. In this conference, secondary school leaders, youth volunteers, teachers, and community professionals gather to share experiences, ideas, and approaches for making a difference in the community. From the many proposals produced, promising ones will be able to see the light of day through fund support and plenty of guidance from the teachers and external professionals.

 As mentioned by Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Chairman of NYC, Mr Lawrence Wong, we too “hope we can nurture a new generation of active, caring and connected youths and youth leaders, who will serve as change agents and role models in our society even after they leave school.” Indeed, from the conference, not only do students come away with a great sense of fulfilment and humility after seeing the meaning and impact of their actions, but also are imbued with a stronger spirit of youth volunteerism.