Refurbishing Low-Income Households with SIM-UOL Transformers 2019

Jan 08, 2020   |   Heartware Network

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James Ang, 25

SIM University, Accounting

Hi I am James, I am a House In-Charge for the home refurbishment event.

What is this project about? How was the planning process like?

This project is about helping the less fortunate. I came back this year after helping out as a volunteer last year, as I thought that it was a very meaningful project. We felt like we could really improve the housing conditions of the people living in these units, and were happy to help out.

I interviewed the uncle staying here during our recce, and found out that he has been staying here for the past 8 years. There are two uncles in total staying in the house. One of them is a taxi driver and the other one works at a kopitiam. Initially, when I went in, they only had two thin mattress and two luggages. I found out over time that the two luggages actually act as their wardrobes where they store their clothes. This house is relatively cleaner than other houses we saw. However, we eventually selected this unit as their necessities were lacking, and we felt that we would be able to make a bigger impact. They lacked some basic furniture such as beds and a television. While they have a fridge, it was never turned on, perhaps to save electricity.

 What are some of the difficulties you faced during this project?

Liaising with the owners of the house was the most challenging. We came down multiple times for site visits.

The uncles only requested for beds but we felt that a proper cabinet would help too.

What have you learned?

I have learned to appreciate how fortunate we are; I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to live with these challenges. It was very heart-warming, too, as the uncle was very excited that we were coming over today, and offered to buy us drinks even though he has been trying to save money.

Leave a message for your committee members and beneficiaries.

It’s good that we took the extra effort to help those who needed it.


Urvish Sunil, 22

SIM University, Accounting and Finance

My name is Urvish. I’m the Overall In-Charge of the Transformers Committee 2019.

What is this project about? How was the planning process like?

This year, the project was focused on refurbishing low-income households. We raised funds from Rag and Bone, which took place at the end of October. The planning process was very long and our committee consisted of 40 people. The entire month of November comprised of site visits and door-to-door knocking to look for the needy households. Eventually, we selected the units that really required refurbishment services. Overall, the planning process was tough but worth it, as everything went smoothly on the day itself.

You were from Transformers 2018. How does this year differ from the last?

Our engagement with the beneficiaries was better than last year as we had more interaction with the home owners.


What have you learned from this project?

We learned how to communicate with people from different backgrounds, and we also gained knowledge and skills about painting.

Leave a message for your committee members and beneficiaries.

For the beneficiaries: I hope you enjoyed the refurbished houses, and that the painting was good and the furnishing was well-placed.

For the committee members: good work on a job well done!