The Heartware Volunteer Toolkit

Feb 26, 2019   |   Chew Khai Xing

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Being a volunteer at Heartware can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. The question is, do you have what it takes to be a volunteer at Heartware? Whether you’re thinking about joining us or you have just recently become a new member of our team, here’s a survival toolkit, a list of qualities needed for all volunteers – The Heartware Volunteer Toolkit!

All for one, one for all. Let the passion and positive vibes spread!


  1. A Passion Virus

People with great passion can make great things happen. Characterised as a deep desire towards something or someone, never underestimate this powerful driving force that keeps you going, and directs you to what’s important in your life. And it’s contagious! When you’re fired up during meetings, group discussions and volunteer events, your positive energy spreads. We all want to be around positive, passionate individuals. We want to be one too. So keep that virus spreading.

P.S. Nobody wants to hang out with half-hearted people…


Volunteer tutors under the Heartware Tuition Programme are trained to be flexible in their teaching methods to suit the different learning needs of their tutees.


  1. A Rubber Band

Or more accurately, be like one. Unlike the many ad-hoc VIA events or projects you’re used to, Heartware programmes are mostly long-term. This builds sustainability and leaves lasting impact on both you and the beneficiaries with whom you form close relationships with. The end goal is glamorous, the process – not so much. Throughout your volunteering journey, you’re bound to encounter setbacks and challenges. Our tip: Don’t be rigid in solving problems, don’t demand your ways to get things done, don’t lose faith in juggling your many priorities. Be sensitive and flexible in uncomfortable situations, and snap back to a clean state of mind when you think you’re overstretched. Tough times don’t last, but tough people do! So the next time you see a rubber band, think about you.


Heartware Support Our Pioneers has bi-weekly home visitations lined up throughout the year; even the seniors are given a visitation calendar each to keep track.


  1. A Planner

 One Heartware programme can be packed with many dates of engagement, so you know what to do. Get a pen, a planner diary, or simply secure a virtual calendar to lock in all those dates. As much as it’s visually appealing and satisfying to fill up your weeks with meaningful volunteer engagement, please plan early, avoid event clashes, and ensure plenty of R&R in between. Once you decide to sign up and make a commitment to Heartware projects, make sure you can follow through. Everyone in the team counts on your commitment to the group’s cause and your reliability in getting work done. Never be the empty vessel that makes the loudest sounds. That’s just…not very nice. Oh, and don’t be reliable ONLY when it is convenient 🙂


Volunteer opportunities for the President’s Challenge Volunteer Drive are events to see familiar faces beyond the usual Heartware programmes.


  1. Trusty, Good Friends

Life is best enjoyed with like-minded people who can understand and share your passions, listen and advise you, and support you through the difficult moments so that you remain resilient. Friends make it easier to volunteer because now you can look forward to more than just serving an important cause, you can turn it into a fun hang-out session too! Remember: Shared joy is a double joy, shared sorrow is half sorrow. But what if you’ve no kaki to volunteer with? Don’t worry, new friends are within reach.

Heartware volunteer facilitators plays an important role in shaping and guiding youth’s group discussions during training sessions and workshops. They have to be extra tactful in their interactions with participants.


  1. Listening Ears, Kind Lips

You don’t volunteer alone; you’ll be in a team full of people from all walks of life. A quick downfall of most teams are bad communication habits – quick to respond, lack of tact. When you catch yourself wanting to jump in and justify your opinions, pause first and listen to what others have to say. When you speak, consider your words carefully and take care other people’s feelings. You are responsible for that.  It is important to be friendly, open-minded, and respectful so that each member can complement one other to achieve something wonderful. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Got the heart to serve? There’s so much to do to brighten someone else’s life.

  1. Heart

Hey, don’t we have that already? Then you’re almost good to go! Volunteering with Heartware is ultimately about contributing to a good cause and making a real difference in the community. To do so, the most basic needis a caring heart that wants to serve (really!) Remember, your most beautiful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love. After all, if it’s not from the heart, it is not worth doing!

There you have it! Find ways to be passionate, resilient, reliable, tactful, and friendly in your volunteer work.  What comes after are the fruits of your labour, your incredible growth and development, and the smiles and thank-yous from the beneficiaries you’ve helped. You’re on your way to becoming a great Heartware volunteer!


Check out Heartware’s volunteer portal Youthbank to find out more information on volunteer opportunities available.