Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Mar 30, 2020   |   Heartware Network

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Dear Volunteers/ Stakeholders

[Updated as of 2 April 2020, 1700HRS]

In light of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation, Heartware Network is actively monitoring this rapidly evolving situation. Kindly refer to the following document to assist you in making informed decisions.



Q1. I’m not having a fever but have some symptoms of coughing / flu, can I come to Heartware Office?

We encourage all volunteers displaying flu-like symptoms to see a doctor before coming to the office if the condition is serious. If you are displaying common symptoms i.e. sinus, mild cough, masks can be provided for usage. Please also inform the respective staff in-charge if you are unwell.

Q2. I came into close contact with someone who has been served a Quarantine Order. However, he / she has completed the Quarantine Order. Can I come to Heartware Office?

In the event that the Quarantine Order has been completed, you are allowed to come.

Q3. I came into close contact with someone who has been issued a Stay Home Notice (SHN). Can I come to Heartware Office?

You may come to the office after the SHN is completely served. You should continue to monitor your health, practise social distancing, observe good personal hygiene and seek medical attention if unwell.

Q4. Do I need to inform HWN if my school / workplace has a confirmed case?

You may indicate and elaborate in Heartware declaration form. Volunteers who are in contact with quarantine order (QO) individuals, Leave of Absence (LOA) individuals and Stay Home Notice (SHN) individuals will be asked to go home.

Q5. My friend sent me a message to avoid the Tiong Bahru area which is in close proximity to HWN office as there has been a suspected case reported. Should I be concerned?

NEA has been liaising closely with, and providing support to, residents and owners of premises, to ensure that the cleaning and disinfection of areas is done in accordance with NEA’s guidelines. For places exposed to confirmed cases, NEA has also been giving advice and supervising the cleaning and disinfection works. In addition, NEA has issued sanitation and hygiene advisories to premises and facilities with high public access like hotels, commercial buildings and F&B outlets, including hawker centres.

Members of the public are advised to practise social distancing, adopt good personal hygiene practices such as washing your hands frequently with soap, and wearing a mask if you are unwell.

Q6. What are the precautionary measures practised in Heartware Network?

HWN has and will continue to implement precautionary measures. These include:

  • Daily temperature checks, staff to do temperature checks 2 times per day
  • Intensifying cleaning routines and environmental hygiene in the office area
  • Training will be conducted for less than 10 pax at all times.
  • Markings on the entire office floor area (at least 1 meter apart) to allow social distancing practices
  • Hand sanitizers readily available at all times for all volunteers
  • Masks can be provided to volunteers who require them

There will be no physical meetings in the office until the 17 April 2020. Meetings will continue online via Zoom. HWN will keep everyone posted and updated. Meanwhile, trainings have been put on hold until May.

We review our measures and closely monitor the situation constantly. We will take the necessary precautionary measures as the situation evolves. We all can and should continue to do our part to protect ourselves by adopting good hygiene habits, and practicing social responsibility by seeking medication attention if we are unwell.

Q7. Would programmes be suspended when there is a confirmed case in HWN?

Should there be a confirmed case in the office, the office will be cleaned and disinfected as soon as possible. We will keep you informed and update accordingly.

Q8. What precautions are being taken within the organisation to ensure staff are not carriers of Covid-19?

  • Staff are encouraged to upkeep personal hygiene
  • Staff temperatures are recorded twice a day
  • Staff returning from MC due to respiratory related symptoms will wear a mask for 3 additional days in the office
  • Hand sanitizers and masks are provided to staff
  • Staff will declare by email if they answer “Yes” to any questions on the declaration form
  • As of 3 April 2020, work-from-home split team arrangements have been implemented for our employees till 17 April 2020.

Q9. Even if HWN office is safe, how about the journey to and from the office?

Our public transport operators will maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. As commuters, we should also play our part. Practice social distancing during the commute if possible. Remember to wash your hands with soap before the journey, and not to touch your faces. Before entering our office, you will be reminded to wash your hands with soap again.

Q10. What is HWN doing to safeguard our volunteers?

Volunteers will need to ensure that they have done their declaration form, temperature check and sanitise their hands before being involved in any activities in HWN. We have also reduced training sizes to 10 pax.

We review our measures and closely monitor the situation constantly. Necessary precautionary measures will be taken as the situation evolves. We all can and should continue to do our part to protect ourselves by adopting good hygiene habits, seeking medical attention if unwell and practicing social distancing.

Q11. If my parents do not allow me to join the programme these few months, will it affect my overall attendance and awarding of hours?

It will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Do maintain close communication with the programme staff in charge.

Q12. If my parents do not allow me to join the programme, can I still sign up first?

We require all applicants and volunteers to submit a signed consent form before attending the interview. For applicants and volunteers below 21 years old, a parental consent form would be required.

Hence, although you would have signed up, you would not be able to attend the interview or be selected if you are below the age of 21 and don’t have parental consent.

Q13. Am I allowed to be deployed if I’m in contact with persons on LOA, SHN or HQO who have completed their 14 days period?

If you are in close contact with persons who have completed their 14-days for SHN, LOA or HQO, you can resume your deployment. Please inform HWN staff and receive clearance before resuming your deployment.


Heartware – National Day Parade Hospitality Management (HW-NDP)

Q14. Will HW-NDP 2020 be happening?

Currently, HWN is still recruiting volunteers for HW-NDP2020. We will keep you updated if there are any changes.

With the evolving COVID-19 situation, HWN staff and the YPC® are working closely with NDP EXCO to prepare contingency plans and will keep you updated on any new measures that will be implemented. Currently HWN has implemented and enforced reduced training, interviews and meetings to 10 persons or fewer, and ensure that physical distancing of at least one meter can be achieved in settings where interactions are non-transient.

We are taking the necessary precautions to contain and manage the risks based on government guidelines, while enabling life to go on. Recruitment and interviews are still on-going as we continue to closely monitor the situation. We will take the necessary precautionary measures as the situation evolves. We all can and should continue to do our part to be socially responsible by adopting good hygiene habits, seeking medical attention if unwell and practicing social distancing.


President’s Challenge Volunteer Drive 2020 (PCVD20)


Q15. Are there still events happening under PCVD20?

With the evolving COVID-19 situation, many of our vulnerable Singaporeans are facing a greater impact on their lives. Therefore, we are continuing to work closely with the various beneficiary organisations to identify ways to serve the beneficiaries through PCVD20 events, while practicing all the necessary precautionary measures. We will continue to play our part in supporting the vulnerable as we stay resilient together during these tough times.


Heartware Tuition Programme (HWTP)

Q16. Will HWTP carry on amidst the current COVID-19 situation?

As of now, HWTP is working closely with MOE Uplift programme to carry out online deployments via Telegram/ other online platform.

External school activities have been suspended for 2 weeks after March holidays (until 5 April). We will keep you posted regarding the deployment.


Heartware Support Our Pioneers Programme (HWSOP)

Q17. Is Heartware Support Our Pioneers Programme (HWSOP) still happening?

For HWSOP20 deployment, only 4 volunteers (including the leaders) are deployed to each site for Apr 2020 to check on the elderly, as the elderly have needs to be met. The volunteers also take the time to keep the elderly updated on how to seek help if needed. The rest of the volunteers are asked to stay home. The volunteers have to ensure that they maintain social distancing with the elderly and keep the engagement within 15 minutes.

Q18. What are the precautionary measures HWSOP visitations have undertaken in view of the COVID-19 situation?

In view of the COVID-19 developments, we are closely monitoring the situation and have taken extra precautionary measures to ensure that the safety of our volunteers and beneficiaries are highly prioritised.

Below are the precautionary measures undertaken by Heartware Network (HWN):

Prior to HWSOP Visitation Day

16 hours prior to visitation (i.e. Friday evening 5.30pm), all volunteers must complete a health declaration form so that HWN staff can track and record all volunteers’ health status before their deployment. Through the completion of the health declaration form, volunteers who:

  • display COVID-19 symptoms (i.e. respiratory symptoms and fever)
  • are currently serving SHN/LOA/Quarantine notices or
  • have come into contact with those currently serving the previous notices

will not be deployed for duty. Volunteers who fail to complete the form will also be barred from HWSOP deployment.

HWN staff will also immediately disseminate programme updates via the respective HWSOP volunteer chat groups should there be any changes.

As for the beneficiaries, HWN staff will call them before the visitation day to check on their health status, travel history and whether they are comfortable receiving HWSOP visitations. Should the beneficiary express discomfort receiving visitations, HWN staff will engage the beneficiary via our pre-event phone conversations and will inform HWSOP Volunteer Leaders to avoid visiting the said homes.

However, for beneficiaries who do not disclose their contact details to us, volunteers will still visit their homes as planned, while maintaining the necessary social distancing during their engagements.

On HWSOP Visitation Day

Before heading out to the assigned beneficiary homes, a mass temperature-screening exercise will be conducted and masks can be issued upon volunteers’ request. As practiced in previous HWSOP cycles, each deployed HWSOP team will consist of no more than four volunteers.

Volunteers are also reminded to maintain social distancing when interacting with beneficiaries and to sanitise their hands after every house visit to ensure cleanliness. Every visitation will be kept within 15 mins.

HWN staff and volunteer leaders will remain contactable during the entire HWSOP visitation operation.

Moving forward, HWN will tighten our precautionary measures should the COVID-19 situation worsen and our volunteers & beneficiaries will be duly informed. Our HWSOP volunteers & beneficiaries’ safety will always be our utmost priority.


Heartware – Character & Citizenship Education Leadership Programme (HW-CCE)


Q19. Is the HW-CCE programme still happening?

HWN will proceed with the programme in alignment with the respective schools.


Q20. What precautions will HWN be taking when being deployed to schools under HW-CCE amidst the COVID19 situation?

Staff will go through internal organisational screening (see Q7) and be further subjected to respective schools’ screening policies. Staff will only be deployed if they are all cleared.


Heartware Academy

Q21. What precautions will HWN be taking with regards to creating a safer environment for training?

HWN will be taking the following precautionary measures:

  • Pre-training screening of volunteers in terms of symptom identification and travel declaration, temperature-taking, and sanitising of hands before allowing volunteers to enter training venues.
  • Demarcating strict walking routes for different groups of volunteers who attend separate training sessions within a day.
  • Reducing the number of participants to 10 or less per session, including staff and volunteer facilitators.
  • Ensuring that participants practice social distancing, as guided by markers placed around the training venue.
  • Maintaining collaborative activities within the training session that does not involve physical contact or sharing of items.

Q22. Is it possible to move training online?

We are exploring the possibility of utilising online platforms should there be an escalation of safety measures in the face of the evolving pandemic.

Q23. Would attendance be taken when volunteers attend online training?

Attendance will still be recorded when volunteers manage to attend an online training set up by Heartware Network. Regardless of the channel utilised for the online training, we trust that our volunteers maintain integrity in attending the online training in full participation. If they occur in the near future, online training sessions will be followed by mandatory online assessments and feedback that volunteers will submit within a fixed time limit.

Volunteer Facilitators Associate Club

Q24. What if a volunteer facilitator is deemed unwell to assist in an upcoming training that they have been confirmed for?

We will recommend that the volunteer facilitator visit the doctor and get ample rest within the safety of their home. We have a contingency plan to either deploy other volunteer facilitators or staff who can deliver the training without compromising its quality.

Q25. What will be the arrangement for volunteer facilitators’ visitations to programme’s deployment sessions, if the group size (including volunteers, staff and beneficiaries) increases to more than 10 with their presence?

Staff will advise volunteer facilitators to take up other deployment visitation slots that have fewer individuals present in one space, such that the total number of people will not exceed 10.

Media Volunteers Associate Club

Q26. If deployment is affected, what are other alternatives that HWN has for the media volunteers, especially photographers and videographers?

There will be alternative tasks given if deployment is affected. HWN staff will keep the respective media volunteers posted.

Journalists and graphic designers can still take up submissions that do not require on-ground deployment. Meanwhile, we will try our best to ensure that there are enough opportunities for our volunteers to complete their submissions.


As the pandemic continues to evolve, new resources and measures will continue to be rolled out, and our existing measures will be updated to best reflect the changing context.

Thank you for your patience and we would like to send our appreciation to our volunteers who continue to serve despite the COVID-19 situation.


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