7 Types of People You Meet While Volunteering

Sep 30, 2019   |   Eugene Koh

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Sure, there is that really annoying person in school, or that really quiet kid at the back of the class. When we meet people, we tend to frame them into a mould or type, to make better sense of our world. It’s no different with volunteer work. Spot any familiar traits?

  1. The Energizer Bunny

Loud and extroverted, you can sense their presence from a mile away. Their source of energy seems to manifest from thin air, for they will always be brimming with enthusiasm to infect those around them. Breathing life into the group after a long day of hard work, these individuals make volunteer experiences a lot more fun, no matter how dry the tasks may be. These volunteers make great friends and are extremely approachable, so they might say ‘hi’ to you first!


  1. The Gentle Giant (AKA a living, breathing We Bare Bear)

Don’t let their size intimidate you! Huge and bulky as they are, these life-sized teddy bears are armed with a friendly disposition. They are all smiles and ready to help, and you wish they could give you a hug too. Their source of joy seems to come from helping others, and always seem to be happy, no matter what life throws at them.


  1. The Pop Culture King

Not only do these individuals have an aptitude for solving the most complicated problems, but they are also an expert at the latest celebrity gossip and news. BLACKPINK just dropped their latest single? Taylor Swift is dating someone new AGAIN?? These volunteers use their knowledge of pop culture to keep their beneficiaries engaged in volunteer sessions. Talk about being resourceful!


  1. The ‘Sian, Just Get It Done’ Man

Oh, these people. These individuals usually appear right when the volunteer engagement starts, might keep to themselves, and don’t stay around after the session ends. They just want to get their job done, get their volunteer hours, get out, repeat. They do their job decently… but just needs a tad bit more motivation. Even the Pop Culture King can’t do much about it… maybe call the Energizer Bunny?


  1. The Magician

Always taking a step further to add value for their beneficiaries, these volunteers go the extra mile to make every volunteer session enriching, and even magical sometimes. A plain and boring lesson about model drawing is made when these volunteers use cut-out model diagrams to aid visualisation. Feeling hungry? This volunteer’s got a backpack of snacks. Like a guardian, these volunteers are here for all your physical, emotional and educational needs. Luckily, they don’t pull off a disappearing act!


  1. The… Oh, You’re Here?

WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE HERE ALL ALONG? That’s right, could we give our silent volunteers some attention? These individuals are usually silent and don’t hog the limelight, but they are super-efficient. They are always on their ‘A’ game and wouldn’t mind committing more than what is required of them. Just because they’re quiet, doesn’t mean that they’re boring! Contrary, they make great conversationalists with deep thoughts! When approached, these individuals will be more than happy to speak. Just give them some time to warm up to you!


  1. The Foodie

The time before and after a volunteer session can only mean one thing… JIAK PENG! These volunteers are always asking their fellow volunteers out for a makan session, and you often find them camping at McDonald’s for early breakfast with their puffy-faced friends. Who needs sleep when you have great food and greater company! Check out their instastories for juicy gossips amongst volunteers the latest makan places!

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