3 Things I Learned As A Heartware Volunteer

Apr 21, 2020   |   Elizabeth Tay

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(Graphic Credit: Elizabeth Tay, Media Volunteer. Source of statistic linked here.)

When you think of volunteerism, you think of devoting your time for the benefit of others. For me, being a volunteer is far more than just taking a small bit of your time to help someone else. It is about utilising your talents and skills to make a difference in the community.

As a Heartware volunteer, you reach beyond the bounds of your capabilities and instead, expand your potential as an individual. You harness this bit of yourself that is ever growing and nurturing and channel it towards others. That is what volunteering is all about at Heartware.

The ‘three things I have learned’ is not enough to encapsulate the level of enrichment as a Heartware volunteer, but I do hope that it is enough to give you a little peek into what being a Heartware volunteer is like.

1. Building Awareness and Perspective

I have been a Heartware volunteer for two years now and from where I was when I first joined as a media volunteer in 2019, my perception of the community in Singapore has definitely expanded and shifted.

At Heartware, the Media Volunteer Associate Club is just one of many programmes. As a media volunteer, I make content for Heartware’s programmes such as the Heartware Tuition Programme and Heartware Support Our Pioneers Programme. From the perspective of a media volunteer, I was challenged and pushed to look at various programmes from multifaceted lights. The aim is to engage viewers like you on a level to spread awareness.

Not only did I learn to broaden my views, I was also encouraged to express creativity and opinions in our meetings which is something that is truly valued as a volunteer here at Heartware. It really showed me how to apply the way volunteer programmes were run onto other things such as school projects and other collaborative fields. This gave me the feeling of importance and individuality.

(Graphic Credit: Elizabeth Tay, Media Volunteer)

2. Bridging Social Divides

One thing that I found profoundly beautiful was the mere act of volunteerism bridging social groups, races and individuals.

I learnt that as a volunteer, you are the bridge that eliminates the gaps filled with discrimination and exclusion. I feel that many fail to realise the beauty within this act of volunteering and being an active volunteer at Heartware, I noticed that immersing yourself in their practices really reveals the importance to bridge these communities. For instance, being an active participant in discussions during meetings and getting to know fellow volunteers.

This also enables you to meet with others from all various walks of life. By sacrificing a small bit of your time, that bridge is strengthened for everyone. You are not only benefiting yourself, but also contributing to the betterment of the people around you. Witnessing that, engaging with that and participating in that is truly a transformative experience.

(Graphic Credit: Elizabeth Tay, Media Volunteer)

3. Knowing yourself and Your Passions

Ending this off, I strongly depend on passion for volunteerism. You know yourself best and what you love to do the most, so channel that and utilise that potential to see a change in the world!

I learnt that determining your attributes can help you strengthen these qualities even further. Recognising that passion for what you love to do and applying that into making a difference is aspirational and definitely achievable.

For instance, I am very enthusiastic about the arts; hence, I volunteered to be part of the media team. I love it because I can contribute and motivate others through my talents and creativity. The importance of this is that when you feel recognised and appreciated for your skills, others around you will feel the same way too! This provides you with a sense of motivation and progress in the effort you have put in. All it takes is for you, one person, to make a change. So why not be a volunteer today and see the growth it has on you, and for others too!