Youth Development


Youth Development believes in the power of “Making A Difference” in the community through sustainable acts of kindness – such as training over 1000 youth to serve humbly as ushers for national events, giving free tuition to children of incarcerated parents, or conducting nutritional health surveys on the elderly. As they put their passion and dedication to the test, our volunteers can always expect outdo themselves with every volunteer opportunity, locked in a continuous upward spiral towards self-development.

We rally young community champions like yourself through our YouthBank portal – a platform for youth volunteers and leaders to network and engage like-minded individuals in meaningful community service.


National Day Parade Hospitality Management


Ever curious to know where the bulk of volunteers in the National Day Parades (NDP) come from? You will find your answer here! NDP is one of Heartware Network’s highlight events, one that our volunteers look forward to every year. Through serving with the Hospitality Management team, youth volunteers will pick up leadership, public speaking, and interpersonal skills, while developing a deep sense of teamwork with their fellow volunteers. Be part of the NDP Hospitality Management contingent that serves the needs of the spectators in true selfless Singaporean spirit! 


Recruitment has closed for National Day Parade Hospitality Management 2017

Follow our Volunteers’ Journey here!

Home Team Show and Festival 2017

Ever wanted to play your part in a national event? Look no further. This May, Home Team Singapore will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary along with the 50th year of National Service. What better way to serve the nation and  commemorate this historic event than volunteering for the Hospitality team? Explore new territories of development as you pick up practical skills such as teamwork, inter personal skills, planning and leading. Join us as a Youth Planning committee member, a volunteer leader or a general volunteer in supporting this national event.

HRSF Event Poster


Recruitment has closed for Home Team Show  Festival 2017

SG50 Celebrations

2015 proved to be an eventful year for Heartware Network with the SG50 celebrations. Three major events that Heartware Network was involved in were GO 5O – A Nation in Motion, Youth Celebrate!, and the 28th Southeast Asian (S.E.A.) Games.


In collaboration with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Heartware Network commemorated Singapore’s 50 years of learning journeys through GO 50 – A Nation in Motion. It celebrates the extraordinary human spirit, and was aimed to inspire our youth to remain resilient and resolute in their pursuits of excellence.

From April to June 2015, ultramarathons Mr Lim Nghee Huat and Mr Yong Yuen Chang made headlines by running 50km for 50 straight days, thereby clocking a total of 2500 km. This arduous journey was jointly organised by 16 students from 3 ITE Colleges, who came together to form the Youth Planning Committee (YPC) under Heartware Network. They took the helm in producing 50 themes that reflected and commemorated each year of milestone in Singapore’s 50-year history.

Check out the GO 50 Compilation media coverage on the event!


As part of the SG50 Celebrations, Youth Celebrate! 2015 was a large-scale festival showcasing youth involvement and achievements in sports, uniformed groups, and the performing arts over the last 50 years. Co-organised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY), the mega event boasted an estimated 4,000 performers and athletes, together with 50,000 students and guests invited to the event. Heartware Network helped in the recruitment and training of 550 youth volunteers as motivators and performers at the event. Imagine taking charge of hyping up a sea of spectators by the thousands! 


Heartware Network is proud to have partnered with the Singapore S.E.A Games Organising Committee for the 28th S.E.A Games. We assisted in Spectator Services during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well as Games Days which took place from 29 May to 16 June 2015. As Spectator Service Officers, the volunteers assisted in ticketing, seating and fun pack distribution. Some even had the chance to usher athletes from the 11 participating countries during the Athletes’ March and Torch Relay March. The event concluded successfully, engaging 961 volunteers from 86 Institutions and Organizations contributing a total of 52590.4 hours!

We Love Our Teachers Project - Apple of My Eye


In our growing years, how often have we expressed gratitude towards our teachers who toiled endlessly to keep our grades and spirits up? ‘We Love our Teachers Project’ (“Apple of my eye”) presents a wonderful opportunity to do so. Every early September, teachers from collaborated schools can expect to be surprised by packages of specially-wrapped red apples that come with custom-designed notes by their students. What better way for the youth to show their appreciation towards the apple of their eyes?

We welcome all experienced volunteers who are interested in being part of this event! Pack and deliver these special apples to our various partnering schools. Step up, initiate, and lead our participants to express gratitude towards their secondary school teachers.


Recruitment has closed for We Love Our Teachers Project 2017


Tuition Programme


Heartware Network’s Tuition Programme had its humble beginnings in 2009, first initiated by student volunteers from Raffles Institution (Junior College). Its aim is to reach out to under-served primary school children whose parents are incarcerated and/or come from low-income families. Our volunteer tutors become role models for these children, whose efforts eventually give them a fighting chance at breaking away from the poverty cycle. The programme has benefited and grown with many tutees and volunteer tutors alike over the past 8 years. This year, the Tuition Programme continues to touch more lives. 

We hope for the children to:

  1. Enhance their interest and motivation in improving their studies.
  2. Understand the value of spending free time meaningfully and wisely.
  3. Feel supported, and gain better self-esteem and confidence.
  4. Learn and adopt good life values from youth tutors as role model.


Recruitment has closed for Tuition Programme 2017

Support Our Pioneers


In this fast-ageing nation, there is greater urgency to cater for the needs of the elderly. Heartware Network aims to bridge the inter-generational divide between the young and old through Support Our Pioneers (SOP), introduced in 2014. Through meaningful visitations and engaging activities, youth are empowered to serve the needs of the frail and aged. Following two years of success of “Support Our Pioneers @ Mountbatten”, SOP 2016/17 turns its eyes to the needy elderly in the North.

We hope to:

  1. Empower youth to serve the needs of the elderly and reduce inter-generational divide.
  2. Promote community participation in caring for the elderly.
  3. Improve living conditions of desolate elderly (above 60 years old) living in rental flat, one/two-room flats or studio apartment.
  4. Encourage the seniors to be active and age positively.
  5. Develop empathy and compassion within the youth.


Recruitment for Support our Pioneers have closed temporarily. Look out for updates here!