Why Stop When You Can Go Further!


What does ‘teachable spirit’ look like? Some marked characteristics include being aware of one’s own limitations, especially in knowledge and skills, and regularly seeking guidance to fill those gaps. In the presence of mentors, these individuals actively listen and take notes, and are prepared to change their viewpoints. The sincerity to learn motivates them to constantly break out of their comfort zones and display resilience in the face of failures.

Inculcating a teachable spirit and life-long learning are shared visions held by both Heartware Network and Barclays Singapore. It is with delight that Heartware Network assisted in the Barclays Citizenship Day on 11 May 2017, in which Barclays Singapore fronted two fruitful workshops catered for the youth and elderly separately.

IMG_5821The elderly were excited for the workshop early in the morning!

Rapid technology advancement saw the replacement of pagers and push-button telephones to touch-screen phones within just a few years. We are scrambling to understand the latest technology, but this race has resulted with some being left behind – the elderly being one of the most disadvantaged groups. As of April 2017, all 2G networks across Singapore were shut off. Having gotten used to 2G network phones, the elderly now needed extra help in using 3G smartphones. A morning workshop was then set up to teach the elderly how to use simple functions on 3G smartphones at the Taman Jurong Senior Activity Centre (SAC).

IMG_5822Barclays facilitators showing an elderly how to capture videos with her smartphone.

Some elderly were gifted smartphones by their relatives, but have yet to accustom themselves to the phone’s many applications and sleek maneuvering screen. The workshop enabled the elderly to explore capturing photos and videos, thereby enabling them to save precious memories of loved ones, available for playback at the touch of their fingertips. The elderly also learnt to surf the internet on their phones.

With more practice, these elderly will be more technologically astute, and can better upkeep to today’s generation’s lifestyles. We certainly hope that this is not the end of their pursuit of creativity and growth.

IMG_5826Have fun exploring more functions on the smartphone! You can do it!

On the other side of Singapore in the afternoon, another workshop was well underway. 30-odd students from ITE College East and several Heartware Network volunteers gathered to gain skills on interview techniques, resume writing, and job searching. As the job market looks less rosy as of late, this workshop can offer the youth a head-start in acquiring soft skills that can help them stand out in job applications.

IMG_3427-20170620-113546Students and Barclays facilitators mingling around in a game of Human Bingo.

Every word and gesture made determines whether an individual can catch the attention of potential employers before and during an interview. The session also debunked some myths of resume-writing, revealing what is best to include or leave out. A simple tip shared was that resumes ought to be neat and clear for the reader to discern. Sometimes, simplicity is the glory of expression.

Past the resume stage comes the big interview. A crucial tip offered by the Barclays facilitators is to put effort in researching and familiarizing with the company’s corporate background, organizational structure, aims and objectives, mission, or anything that may be relevant to the role you are applying for. It shows earnestness for the company.

Common questions asked by interviewers are to do with describing strengths and weaknesses, and how the individual can value-add to the company. These questions can make unsuspecting interviewees flabbergasted. So be on your toes, armed with the right words at the tip of your tongue.

IMG_5822Broken up into small groups, the students better received personal mentorship from the Barclays facilitators.

Thank you Barclays Singapore for organizing these workshops to help our beneficiaries and partners pick up and excel in useful life skills. We hope for more collaboration in the near future!

IMG_3477-20170620-113622All the best, students, for your future job applications!