What You Don’t See At The NDP Parades

NDP-RecoveredThe National Day Parade (NDP) is an annual nation-wide ceremony where Singaporeans celebrate Singapore’s independence. Since 2000, Heartware Network has been supporting the NDP Executive Committee in recruiting and training volunteers for hospitality management in the weekend parades. Till today, NDP remains the highlight event that attracts the largest pool of volunteers amongst our programmes!

A unique feature of NDP Hospitality Management is the distinct leadership tiers that allow our volunteers to assume various leadership roles. From top-tier leaders in the Youth Planning Committee (YPC©), cascading to the Sector Overall In-Charge (SOICs), Volunteer Leaders, and lastly General Volunteers,  aren’t you curious to get to know about them more?

NDP17-2The Youth Planning Committee (YPC) is the powerful team that oversees the operations, logistics, and administration of all the shows and parades.

The Youth Planning Committee

This group of youths can be amazing leaders! They are the very heart and soul of the volunteer team, without which, the NDP volunteer contingent would not exist at all. Trust us when we say that their tenacity and skills were really put to the test at all stages! Staying in the office close to midnight, and losing sleep in a common sight because they want to do the best for the family.

From recruiting, to scheduling and task delegation, they have built up an entire team from scratch and transformed this large group of strangers into a fully functional team – bonded and focused to deliver like-minded goals.

“NDP was an eye opener of how a national event is run. It was also a fruitful learning experience with many friendships formed.”

-       Leow Dai Jing, Operations Deputy In-Charge 2017

“It was indeed a tough, yet memorable experience. With many new learners in the YPC, and the small number of members, all of us struggled and learnt together as one. It is a huge commitment to be in YPC but till now, I did not regret going for the interview for this position.”

-       Tan Shu Ling, Admin Deputy In-Charge 2017

NDP17-3 NDP17-4

We depended so much on our wonderful Logistics Team, who always ensured our volunteers were well-fed and hydrated!

The Logistics Team

A small team can move an army; these are the true unsung heroes of the volunteer team! They arrive earlier and leave later than anyone else, bending over backwards to pack, set up, and tear down logistics, just so that all other work can begin on time and run efficiently. They have worked hard, if not harder, than everyone else but are less recognized by the public as their work is mostly unseen. Still, they are the backbone of the contingent.

“I got to know the actual workload of being a logistics personnel, and the challenges that they face. It may seem like an easy job but in actual fact, it is not as easy as it seems.”

-       Sibelle Teo, Logistics Team 2017



The Admin YPC© have worked tirelessly to send volunteers weekly emails, and made sure that all volunteer particulars are in order.

The Admin Team

Think all they do is to track and note down things? Try working for hours through excel sheets with long lists of volunteer details, timesheets, and medical leaves! Such intense detail-oriented work calls for immense meticulousness. One wrong slip and it will mess up the system! Once they are done with their own work, they will offer help to the rest of the team. Truly the angels of the event!

NDP17-7 NDP17-8

The Volunteer Leaders for NDP 2017. Striving for Professionalism & Excellence always!

The Volunteer Leaders

These individuals chose to walk the road while shouldering greater responsibilities. Broken into smaller groups with more volunteers under them, these leaders are accountable for their group’s welfare and bonding. Indeed, they are like mother hens to the general volunteers who need somebody to lean on!

“Volunteering as a leader in NDP 2017 has allowed me to meet like-minded and passionate individuals. At the same time, I developed greater interpersonal skills.”

-       Keith Yeo, Outer Cordon Leader 2017

The Media Team


You see their pictures, but they are barely in them! Here’s presenting the media team who were constantly on the move, with their fingers always poised on the camera shutter of their cameras. When on the ground, you could find them in sneaky corners, or otherwise calling groups of volunteers together, so that they can immortalize precious moments.

“It has been an enriching experience of having a family who possess the same interest and passion as me. And I have definitely learned a lot from my experience and i would like to continue my volunteering experience with Heartware!”

-       Madhumithaa, Media Team 2017

Although all of us came from different backgrounds, volunteering for the NDP has truly unified us with one common purpose, objective, and vision. We have witnessed first-hand the love, joy, and passion people have shown towards the country which further ignites and rekindles the spirit of patriotism within us. Congratulations to all volunteers! We made it to the finishing line together, and in harmony.

This article has been brought to you by the NDP 2017 Media Team.