Vision, Mission, & Values

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision
To serve and champion the community with a HEART
Our Mission
To engage Singaporean youth to be proactive in serving others with a HEART, and to develop them into community champions by inculcating a “Make A Difference” attitude: 
  • INSPIRE Self
  • INFLUENCE Family and Friends
  • IGNITE Community
  • IMPACT Country
  • INTERNATIONALISE Heartware Network’s Image

Our commitment to transformation follow 3 key thrusts: 

Our Heart Values

Our Passion
WServe our community by striving for the highest standard of Honesty and Integrity. Demonstrating Professionalism in everything we do, we emphasise Responsibility and work toward Measurable Targets.
Our People
We treat everyone with Sincerity and we Respect each other for his or her individual Strength. We build dynamic relationships by inspiring each other through Learning and Sharing.
Our Outreach
We strive to reach out to Youth from all backgrounds and to raise them into Enterprising individuals who will Make A Difference in the community. Through strategic Partnering, we work towards a Community with Heart.
At Heartware Network, all our staff and volunteers are driven by one common faith:
… if it is not from the heart, it is not worth doing …