The Many Ways to Say Goodbye

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“Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better? But because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”                                                                                                             -       Wicked the Musical

These lyrics ring in our heads as we come to the end of a full cycle for the Tuition Programme. September and October marks a period of many goodbyes and naturally, deep reflections on how the volunteer experience has changed them.

Take it from tutor Wen Li from Eunoia Junior College, who quipped:

At the start, I always felt frustrated with my tutee’s progress, and sometimes by the small attention span he had, up to the point that I had even cried in class. But gradually I learnt to be patient, and to engage him in other ways that he preferred, and we made more progress from then on. I know now that being understanding and encouraging is essential for children to feel motivated, and be willing to push themselves.


Throwback to the first tuition session at the primary school Wen Li volunteers at.

So here we are now, saying our farewells.

Parting with people we are heavily invested in is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be painful. Heck, it can even be fun! Check out some cool and loving closure ideas planned by our tutors for their tutees:

Gifts and thank-you notes are a common trend

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Li Ying got caught off guard when the tutees surprised her with letters as she gave out her own gifts!

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Loving notes from tutees to tutors!

Many tutees prepared heartfelt notes detailing their gratitude towards their mentors, in time for the closure sessions. In turn, tutors arrange simple gifts as a token of their well wishes. It really shows that when our tutors put in earnest efforts, they don’t go unnoticed! Even if the outcome may not relate to huge surges in grades, our tutors have opened up a new world of possibilities and hope for their tutees. That alone is enough.

Food is the cure

They say the way to hearts is always through the tummy! Our tutors brought an assortment of goodies and sweetened drinks to enjoy after a fulfilling last session.


 Tutor Tsing Ngia and Brenda threw a little food party for their wonderful tutees. 


Going BIG with pizzas!


Candies and stationery up for grabs! Tutees had to close their eyes and reach for a surprise. *Tutee’s face has been blurred to protect identity. 

Work hard, PLAY harder!

Got a problem? Settle it outside, literally! There’s nothing better than sweating it out through games with these energetic bunch of students.

When the tutors surprised their tutees with this change of pace, the eyes of these little ones LIT. They had so much fun releasing their stress with rounds of dodgeball. We wonder if this was also part of a secret revenge by any of the tutees? We definitely hope not.

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Ready to dominate?

Thank you tutors and tutees for this wonderful learning journey. We bet there is so much to take away from these months of leaning onto one another for support and change.

Here’s wishing the best of luck to both our tutors and tutees. let’s tackle the examinations with all we’ve got!