The Lead Up to Home Team Show & Festival 2017

Home Team Cover

This May, Singapore will stand to witness yet another milestone achieved! The Home Team will be commemorating its 20th anniversary and 50th anniversary of National Service with a Home Team Show & Festival (HTSF).  This biannual event is highly anticipated by the public, who are promised to be treated with the largest showcase of Home Team’s capabilities. From 3 to 7 May 2017, look forward to an exciting array of activities and exhibits held at the Singapore Sports Hub, with Heartware Network volunteers ready to make your visit memorable.

 But what goes on behind the scenes as we count down the days to the event?

You will be interested to know that there exists a thing called the Youth Planning Committee (YPC©). This a group of first-tier volunteer leaders who take on specific major roles that ensure smooth running in all aspects of volunteering activities related to the event. This includes planning, recruiting and training volunteers, as well as executing visions communicated by external parties, like the Home Team. That sounds like a really big deal! Discerning selection of individuals must be done, so that the final line-up consists of those who have the right attitudes and qualities to take on what is to come.  


 Founder Mr Raymond addresses the selected YPC© members for HTSF and NDP 2017.


Enjoying hilarious rounds of pass-the-message game to enhance communication during YPC© training.

Big roles call for big responsibilities and bigger commitments. Meetings are held weekly to discuss and finalise details such as deployment numbers and training plans. But most evenings, YPC members still check into the office to clear a perpetual flow of incoming tasks. Imagine proposals, templates, and administrative data sheets, just to name a few – all to be settled within tight deadlines!

The role that the YPC members play is by no means menial. To come to agreeable conclusions, it was imperative that members shared opinions and considered different perspectives. They had to remain calm and resilient, and support one another to complete assigned tasks dutifully and punctually. Talk about teamwork and communication, conscientiousness and discipline. Phew!

Though being part of the YPC comes with pressure, there is joy and satisfaction that comes with the position. It is a steep learning curve, but all the more this drives the members to lean on each other mentally and emotionally. For the young leaders, new experiences like facing rejection during recruitment drives and delivering content in front of hundreds of volunteers will be moments worth recounting repeatedly because they are stories of growth. The professionalism of the YPC will set groundwork for the Leaders’ spirit, who in turn influence the General Volunteers’ morale.


 HTSF17 volunteer leaders facilitating activities for the general volunteers in a training session.


 YPC members Shu Han and Zhi Ling briefing volunteers on the layout of the Singapore Sports Hub.

As the journey to planning HTSF17 is a continuous learning process, it is good to know where the YPC and volunteer leaders have done well and what else can be improved.  Every feedback by fellow volunteers were deeply valued and further reviewed by the YPC. This is also an opportune moment to bridge communication across the chain of command, and resolve any misunderstanding between various groups.

The months leading up to HTSF is as lively as it is arduous. Every volunteer capitalizes on the values of teamwork and perseverance, and is strongly set on providing excellent service on the actual day. The skills and friendships gained from this experience are priceless, and we look forward to seeing everyone’s hard work pay off handsomely when the doors to the event finally open.