That’s a Wrap on Another Meaningful Year!


Einstein once said, “Not everything that counts can be counted. And not everything that can be counted, counts.” So what counts for us?

Our success is measured by the effort, commitment, and contribution of our volunteers. Let’s be real – volunteering isn’t a rosy experience. What’s to gain by giving away precious life resources like time and energy?

Because long-term volunteering is such a challenge, we feel indebted to our amazing pool of volunteers who are compassionate, committed, and always serve with a heart of gold. On 3 December, we hosted a Volunteer Appreciation event to celebrate our volunteer’s contributions throughout 2017. They were treated to food, fun games, and BIG reveals for 2018!


Executive Director Ms Tan See Leng shared encouraging community outcomes stemmed from the efforts of the volunteers.


Load those nerf guns and fire away at our carnival booths!

24955351_1756789644339441_1437471365662372261_o Time to get those phones out for Kahoot! This is an MCQ quiz laden with tricky questions on general knowledge and our organization.


What is the hottest chili in the world? Hint: It’s not The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, though we’d vote that.

The Volunteer Appreciation also celebrated the achievements of our most outstanding volunteers. We announced the Best Volunteer for each programme in 2017. A big shout out to Liow De Jun, Lim Jun Jie, Leow Dai Jing, and Darie Chan Rong Zhi for your immense dedication towards your respective programmes.

Montage From top left to bottom right: Best Volunteer for 2017 goes to Liow De Jun (Support Our Pioneers), Darie Chan Rong Zhi (Tuition Programme) Lim Jun Jie (Home Team Show & Festival, Crystal Tan (Best Dressed Volunteer). Missing from photo: Leow Dai Jing (National Day Parade)

The BIG reveal: Come 2018, Heartware Network will be shifting to a much BIGGER office at Ganges Avenue! This new space will enable our youth to harness their potential in a playground conducive to build skills and expand creativity.

The organisation will also be scaling all existing programmes, and will be kick-starting new ones such as the Heartware Academy and the Associate Clubs. Expect things to get BIGGER and the impact, greater.

The compassion our volunteers show to the community and our beneficiaries is an inspiration for us all. As the year draws to a close, we want to sincerely thank all our volunteers for the heart work that you do.

If it is not from the heart, it is not worth doing.

Till next year!

Access the full album of photos on our Facebook channel here.