Cheng Le En Leanne

I chose to join the tuition programme because I felt it was something I could do, and since I could do it I should, especially if there was such a need for someone to do it. I didn’t really have any ambitions or illusions about whatever I was doing; at the end of the day I am only helping one kid with his studies, and ten years down the road it may not even really matter that much to him, when he’s studying in uni or something, but I suppose right now just being there and doing what I can for him is enough, and really all I can do.

Tutoring is definitely not easy, it being a year-long, weekly commitment amidst all the other demands of JC life, but what kept me going I suppose, was the thought that Daniel would benefit from it, and it was a responsibility I had towards him and his mother. Daniel himself as a tutee has also been extremely encouraging, always being very attentive and eager to learn, and his mother and teacher have also given me a lot of support that motivates me to want to help Daniel even more. After a year, Heartware seems to me to be an extremely sincere, down-to-earth organization that wants to fulfil real needs in real ways, even if it’s not particularly glamorous or impressive, like going to tutor a kid once a week. It’s not been easy, but it’s not something I regret doing, and I’d gladly do it again.

Cheng Le En Leanne
Volunteer Tutor
Tuition Programme 2014
Raffles Institiution

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