SIM-UOL Transformers: Fundraising to Transform Lives

Rag and Bone-1

In the second half of 2016, Singapore Institute of Management-University of London (SIM-UOL) Student Representative Council (SRC) Transformers collaborated with Heartware Network for a Rag and Bone event that would raise funds for house refurbishment. These efforts are directed towards assisting underprivileged beneficiaries under the care of Heartware Network.

The fundraising event was held in Redhill and Tiong Bahru on 5 November 2016, with the help from SIM’s student population and the public. Unwanted household items and newspapers were collected from the residents in these areas, and sold to waste recycling merchants. It was a resounding success, as SIM-UOL managed to clear all the clusters they targeted, totaling to an estimate of 32,000 units!

The extensive time, energy, and dedication poured into the planning and execution of the events was an eye-opener for most of the SIM-UOL volunteers, some of whom were volunteering for the first time. Student volunteer Lesley Ong quipped that “there was plenty of preparation work leading up to the event. We had to plan out which areas to best tackle, how to best split the manpower, and most importantly, familiarising the layout of our individual clusters.”

Rag and Bone-2 Volunteers enjoying a well-earned break, checking out articles from papers they have collected.

With the funds raised, the Transformers partnered Life Community Services Society to plan a children’s day outing, as well as worked on home refurbishments for several elderly under Heartware Network’s Support Our Pioneers programme.

Project Phoenix 2016 focused on the latter mission on home refurbishments. Looking into the Yishun and Mountbatten estates, a total of 8 houses were given a new lease of life on 17 December 2016. Furniture and logistics were bought with the donations raised from the Rag and Bone 2016 event, and also donations from SIM. Other participating sponsors include Nippon Paint, Amore Fitness and Singapore Women’s Muslim Association (PPIS) amongst others.

Rag and Bone-3Volunteers taping the windows of the flat to prevent it being dirtied by dust and paint.  

Student volunteer Alvin Ang was ecstatic to be part of Project Phoenix 2016, and offered that it “gave [him] not only a sense of accomplishment after a job well done, but also a sense of satisfaction knowing that [he has] made someone’s day brighter.” The Rag and Bone 2016 fundraiser and its subsequent events thus served as a wonderful opportunity for student volunteers to step out of their comfort zones, realise their leadership abilities and harness their potential. We are sure our elderly are also thankful for their help, and are enjoying the new face-lift their houses received!

 Rag and Bone-4Cheers to a successful refurbishment!

All image credits are to SIM-UOL Transformers 2016