Introducing the NDP18 Youth Planning Committee


Get to know the National Day Parade 2018 Hospitality Management Youth Planning Committee!



Judy has been a volunteer with Heartware Network since 2015, for events such as the National Day Parade Hospitality Management, Home Team Show and Festival 2017, and Heartware Network’s Fundraising Gala Dinner. She loves volunteering as she can give back to society while having fun, and meet people from all walks of life.

Judy graduated from Innova Junior College’s Art Stream, and is currently awaiting university admission. She hopes to pursue Tourism Management and work in the tourism industry in the future.

A true wanderluster, Judy spends her leisure time catching up on travel vlogs. It’s her life’s goal to visit many countries and learn about various cultures from all corners of the world.


Darius is a student of Integrated Events Management from Republic Polytechnic. Before, he was busy getting his hands dirty in events planning for business corporations, and fulfilling his course requirements at ITE College Central. The outcome? He holds a burning desire to give himself away to bigger causes, and do something impactful for anyone he meets.

Darius is an avid lover of any sport that involves throwing or hitting. Softball, badminton, touch ball – you name it! And when he runs out of energy, just feed him steamboat, pizza, or anything spicy. Mala King, anyone?


Beevi is currently pursuing her Diploma in Health Sciences (Nursing) at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. A truly passionate volunteer, Beevi believes intensely in giving back to the community and her homeland. Selfless acts of kindness have helped her be more empathetic and resilient, so she volunteers with Heartware Network and at elderly care centres in her free time.

If she is not swept away organising fulfilling events, big or small, Beevi transforms into a bookworm. Nature also holds a special place in her heart, as she adores going on hikes and discovering trails with her friends during the weekend.


Jodi is a fresh graduate from Jurong Junior College when she dove right in to her first Heartware Network volunteer role as a National Day Parade Hospitality Management Youth Planning Committee member. Prior to this, she has always been interested in volunteering, and gaining valuable skills that will help her grow. Her involvement as an admin volunteer in Trusted Source – a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings –  tells so much of her dedication towards skills enhancement.

With a fierce passion for aesthetics, Jodi appreciates beauty and anything artistic. In her free time, you might catch her drawing anime or singing one of her favourite songs.


Justin is currently studying at Republic Polytechnic for a Diploma in Events Management. He first stumbled upon Heartware Network when he volunteered as a motivator for Youth Celebrate! in 2015. Back then, he focused on gaining exposure and developing experience as a motivator who is able to command and hype up a crowd. Little did he know, three years later he would become a proud member of the National Day Parade Hospitality Management Youth Planning Committee responsible for facilitating and supporting the biggest national event of the year.

An interesting fact about Justin? He can never get enough of Fried Prawn Hokkien Mee (even despite eating it three times a week).


Melvin is currently in his 5th year running as a volunteer for National Day Parade Hospitality Management. But this year is special: for the first time he is embarking on the most demanding leadership path – being part of the Youth Planning Committee. He comes back every year because he feels that he has found his family with the Heartware volunteers. When things get tough, the spirit and teamwork that he has with his teammates are what pulls him through.

The ultimate “fanboy” – he is a member of a fan club for Singaporean artist Ya Hui. Apart from fanboying, he also supports Chelsea in the English Premier League when he feels more masculine.


Jovianne began volunteering at the age of 13. Throughout the years, she has supported numerous community and school events. Given her fierce passion to give back, she was elected as an EXCO member in the Service-Learning Club of her school.

Jovianne is currently pursuing a Diploma in Biotechnology at Republic Polytechnic, and will be graduating in May this year. This is her second time volunteering with Heartware Network. Prior to this, she was a General Volunteer for National Day Parade Hospitality Management in 2016. An introvert at heart, she hopes that she will be able to gain more confidence by volunteering as a Youth Planning Committee member this year. Most importantly, she would also like to make more meaningful friendships.

Jovianne spends most of her free time sleeping. With no disturbance, she claims that she can sleep for as long as 14 hours a day.

Jovianne is the Admin Deputy In-Charge for the National Day Parade Hospitality Management Youth Planning Committee.


Anisah started her volunteering journey with Heartware three years ago with National Day Parade Hospitality Management in 2016 and 2017. Having been a performer for almost nine years, Anisah is curious to know what happens behind the curtain and finally be a part of the “off-stage” or operations crew. This led her to join the Youth Planning Committee this year.

Anisah is currently pursuing a Diploma in Chemical Engineering and Green Technology at Nanyang Polytechnic. On the contrary, she is also in-charge of the Makeup Artistry Co-Curricular Activity where she has set her heart to bring Arts somewhere far in Singapore. Apart from these, Anisah is strong headed to one day be part of the Singapore Armed Forces. She even dreams of being a pilot or owning an airline of her own.

Milo is like H2O for Anisah. She plans to have her own Milo section in her house as well as a cargo transport with Milo’s Signature. Milo, you have heard.


Isaac is a freshman at ITE College East who is studying Applied Food Sciences. While aiming for a high GPA, his main goal is to enroll himself in Events Management as he would like to drum up his own Charity events to raise funds for various beneficiaries. Isaac was previously in East View Secondary School where he was in the N(A) Stream. A reliable multi-tasker, he used to juggle three co-curricular activities: Saint John’s Ambulance Brigade, Photography Club and Service Learning Club.

By the end of his secondary years, he received the rank of Sergeant, and acquired many new skills having served for many hours within his candidature. In four years, Isaac clocked up a total of 460 Hours in submitted Community Involvement Hours (CIP).

During his free time, Isaac volunteers and spends time honing his photography skills while he is out with his friends.

Isaac is the Admin In-Charge for the National Day Parade Hospitality Management Youth Planning Committee.


Yuan Shen joined National Day Parade Hospitality Management with the aim to contribute back to the community. Having participated as a Volunteer Leader on two previous occasions (SEA Games 2015 and NDP 2016), he decided to take up the challenge to be part of the Youth Planning Committee in NDP 2018. Yuan Shen is an active grassroots leader as well as an advisor to his alma mater’s CCA. He has experiences being a camp facilitator, as well as holding leadership workshops for his juniors.

Yuan Shen is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree at the National University of Singapore.

Yuan Shen is an outgoing person and enjoys playing sports or exercising to keep fit. Furthermore, he enjoys watching soccer especially matches with his favorite teams Real Madrid and Liverpool. He also enjoys watching Formula 1 and his favourite driver is Lewis Hamilton.

Yuan Shen is the Operations Deputy In-Charge for the National Day Parade Hospitality Management Youth Planning Committee.


Soumiya is currently working as a Project Engineer in Puretech Engineering (Singapore) since July 2017. She also handles infrastructure projects for the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore.

Soumiya holds a Bachelor of Technology degree, majoring in Electronics and Communication Engineering from an Indian University, SASTRA University.

Her favourite hobby is cooking with a specialisation in chettinad cuisines. If asked what her mantra is, she would say “Engineer by Profession; Chef by Passion”.


Nick’s volunteering journey began as a General Volunteer for National Day Parade Hospitality Management in 2012. Gifted with an outgoing spirit, Nick has brought many smiles to the public at every show. Throughout this two-month long journey with Heartware, Nick realised that volunteerism stroke a chord within him. Nick decided to commit for the longer haul when he joined the subsequent year, and when he became a leader in NDP 2014.

Nick took a hiatus from volunteering when he went on to pursue an Electronic and Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Birmingham, before coming back as a General Volunteer in NDP 2017.

Nick is currently working as an executive consultant at TUV SUD Singapore, a leading German compliance group. He applies core Heartware values into his daily life and his role in the company, and was even trusted by his management to conduct large company events. In 2018, he was chosen as a Youth Planning Committee member for the Operations and Logistics Department.

Nick has a huge passion for motorbikes and cross-country cycling. He lives by the motto: face the sunshine and let your shadow fall behind you.

Nick is the Operations In-Charge for the National Day Parade Hospitality Management Youth Planning Committee.


Amelia’s interest in participating in national events led her to join the National Day Parade Youth Planning Committee 2018. Prior to joining this Committee, she worked part-time at BEGA (a clothing retail store) to gain experience on how a retail business is run.

Amelia is a graduate from Hwa Chong Institution. While in junior college, she led the Hwa Chong Badminton Team as Vice-Captain and was also appointed as Chairman for her school’s Prom Night Committee in 2014. Many of her teachers and peers attest to her positive, cheerful, and kind personality and ability to forge long-lasting relationships with her peers. She believes strongly in the values of compassion and perseverance which she feels are qualities that can pave her way to success.

Amelia enjoys playing badminton, singing, and watching soccer matches. What exhilarates her the most is when she shouts GOAL! whenever Manchester United scores! Regarded as the Queen of Mandopop in her family, she brings joy and laughter through her spontaneous and sometimes hilarious singing.

Amelia is the Logistics Deputy In-Charge for the National Day Parade Hospitality Management Youth Planning Committee.


Ashley is currently studying Environmental and Water Technology at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Having demonstrated a high interest and an exceptional performance in the course, he was awarded the PUB Scholarship. Prior to doing his diploma, he was at Bukit View Secondary School. In Secondary 2, he was in-charge of a major World Water Day display project as a member of the Environmental Club. In Secondary 3, having demonstrated outstanding leadership, he was awarded the Best Camper Award at an overseas camp out of 200 – 300 students. In Secondary 4, he became the EXCO for the Secondary 1 orientation.

Ashley is a curious chap, he spends a lot of time watching documentaries and is also an avid Chinese chess player. He especially likes playing the game with the elderly as he finds that they are the real experts and would like to learn as many strategies as he can from them.


Prior to joining the National Day Parade Youth Planning Committee 2018, An Soon has worked with many youths and engaged them through numerous community events and programmes across Singapore. He started volunteering since 2012, and many of his peers would agree that his patience, passion, and perseverance are his best virtues. An Soon’s exceptional organisational skills and ability to wade through even the most complex negotiation, coupled with his dedication to nurture the youth for community service, has allowed him to take on many important roles such as the Head of the EXCO for Chingay 2018, and the Leadership Community Programme with various schools and junior colleges.

With his vision in life “leadership is the capacity of being able to translate vision into reality”, he believes he can use his capacity to positively influence the lives of others.

A true politician at heart, An Soon hopes to one day become a Member of Parliament. Didn’t you know that his role model since he was a child has always been Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong?


Zhi Ling is a seasoned volunteer with Heartware Network. Tuition Programme, National Day Parade, Home Team Show and Festival, and our Fundraising Gala Dinner, you name it – she’s done it! During her Polytechnic years, Zhi Ling joined her school’s CCA as a TPBP Mentor to teach primary school students. Zhi Ling finds that volunteering helps her de-stress from her studies and work. The constant smiles from the students also inspired her to continue her journey with Heartware Network’s Tuition Programme as a Volunteer Leader in 2017.

Zhi Ling is currently pursuing a Business Management degree at the Singapore Institute of Management (RMIT) and will be graduating this August.

Zhi Ling has a strange obsession with eating corn and a lot of friends agree that she looks like a hamster whenever she eats her corn. Apart from corn, her other passions include volunteering and sleeping.


Cindy developed a strong passion for volunteering after her first volunteering experience with National Day Parade Hospitality Management 2016 as a General Volunteer. Cindy helped her volunteer leaders to lead the team during their absence. She aspired to be part of 2018′s Youth Planning Committee to take on a more demanding role to further hone her interpersonal and leadership skills.

Cindy is currently pursuing NITEC in Business Service at ITE College Central. She is also the class representative of her class.

In her free time, Cindy likes to sing and dance to K-POP which a lot of people are unaware of.