Heartware Network celebrates the jolly season of Christmas


Christmas Carnival opening ceremony.

They say it’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters, but the people around it. 

On 16 December 2017, Heartware Network played a part at supporting the Christmas Carnival at MPC@Khatib, in collaboration with Nee Soon South and Yishun Methodist Mission. The guests-of-honour were Mr K. Shanmugam, Minister of Law and Chief Patron of Heartware Network, Mr Faishal Ibrahim, Parliament Secretary for Ministry of Education, and Dr Lee Bee Wah, Advisor to Nee Soon South GROs. 

The spectacular carnival boasted exciting booths ranging from colorful shirt-painting to towering bouncy castles – all manned professionally by our volunteers. Let’s not forget the lofty 10-metre Christmas Tree (the best backdrop for we-fies), and that 635 Yishun residents broke the Singapore Book of Records for the most number of carolers in a single event! Talk about going BIG!


The light up of 10 meters tall Christmas Tree.

It was also a time where all our Support Our Pioneers (SOP) beneficiaries gathered. For those with mobility issues, they could finally leave the confines of their homes and breathe fresh air. They really had looked forward to the event, and they weren’t disappointed! It marked the final SOP event of the year. On this melancholic note, both the elderly and volunteers made for an unforgettable day. 


The arrival of our SOP beneficiaries and volunteers at the carnival site.

Our enthusiastic volunteers brought the seniors around and participated alongside them at the game booths and food stalls. One of the elderly, Mrs Foo also stole the crowd by singing Christmas carols. She was met with thunderous applause! 


SOP volunteer Lili helping Mr Mok in designing a T-shirt.


Mrs Foo singing some lines from her favourite song.

The carnival was also successful through the efforts of our Heartware volunteers who handled the game booths amazingly. Some had their first try out with volunteering with us through this event, and had troubles with difficult patrons. It was a learning point to be made! 

A final takeaway by volunteer Haslinda: 

25627019_1774231319261940_2352330468127903589_o “Volunteering for the Christmas Carnival was really an eye opener for me in terms of socialising with other people. I’ve learnt so much and made many new friends just from volunteering for a day with Heartware. Interacting with people of different ages and different walks of life allowed me to understand different kinds of personalities and perspectives, and to never judge someone based on their outer appearance. “

- Siti Nur Haslinda, 17, Nanyang Polytechnic