No matter who you are, there is always a way to contribute back to the community. Even if you can’t find pockets of time to volunteer, you can support by helping to fund our volunteering opportunities and various programmes. 

In a year, it costs close to $800,000 (about $10 an hour), to run our youth initiatives. We are cost-effective and efficient in developing our youth as volunteers who dedicate their time and service without seeking rewards. We conscientiously evaluate and measure our outcomes to provide value-addedness in youth development with minimal wastage or duplication. Your funds and donation will help the youth have a better future as more responsible citizens.


Be a Fund Raiser!

As a youth/student, you can gather your fellow friends/schoolmates, family, and colleagues to assist us in planning, organising, and helping out in our fundraising events.

As an organisation or community group, you can help us to develop fundraising programmes to defray the Charity’s operational cost.

As a corporation, we invite you to adopt us as the beneficiary of your internal fundraising efforts. We will be more than willing to develop mutually beneficial Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

If you wish to donate to our cause, kindly click donate_btn 

Please make your cheque payable to “Heartware Network”.
You may send your cheque to:
Heartware Network
568 Ganges Avenue #02-100
Singapore 160568 Tel: 6509 4414

Donors are given updates through a dedicated account in livecharity to check their donations.

Contact us at 6509 4414 for more information, or drop us an email to