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As a student from Brunei, I wish to say to all teachers..

Teachers guide, inspire, and motivate. They impart life lessons, watch us grow, and believe in us even when we can’t. They have touched our hearts, and now we put our HEARTs out for them! Though we shouldn’t only show appreciation for our teachers once a year, Teachers’ Day is still a day we celebrate joyously […]


What You Don’t See At The NDP Parades

The National Day Parade (NDP) is an annual nation-wide ceremony where Singaporeans celebrate Singapore’s independence. Since 2000, Heartware Network has been supporting the NDP Executive Committee in recruiting and training volunteers for hospitality management in the weekend parades. Till today, NDP remains the highlight event that attracts the largest pool of volunteers amongst our programmes! […]


Coming Home

Koh Yinjie from Raffles Institution was given a chance to reminisce his younger days as he walked through the all-too-familiar corridors once more. He is back at Lianhua Primary School – affectionately called his “second home” – not as a student, but as a volunteer tutor by coincidence under the Tuition Programme. Check out what […]


What It Means To Be Singaporean

Our ancestors had travelled thousands of miles to seek greater opportunities, landed in Singapore, and finally called it home. From mudflats to metropolis, they saw through impressive transformations, as our forefathers triumphed challenges and surpassed others’ expectations. They suffered and endured, and the outcome is the Singapore we know and love today. Being Singaporean is […]


President Tony Tan: ‘Youths are the Future’

Speech by President Tony Tan at the Heartware Network 17th Anniversary Gala Dinner on Monday, 3 July 2017, 7.30 pm at the Grand Mandarin Ballroom, Mandarin Orchard Singapore Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee and Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, Advisors, Heartware Network Bill Foo, Chairman, Heartware Network Partners, volunteers and friends of Heartware Network Ladies and Gentlemen […]


Take Heart, Transform Lives

    A quote once goes, “Life is like an ocean. It can be calm and still, or rough and rigid. But in the end, it’s always beautiful.” Like the ocean, the world that we know holds boundless potential for growth. Overcome those challenges, and you will come out a stronger person. The question is: […]


Wearing Many Hats

It is hard being a full-time student holding a part time job to pay off everyday expenses. Throw volunteering into that mix? One word: IMPOSSIBLE! And yet this arduous lifestyle has been proven possible. Meet Tiffany Ling, a Year 3 Statistics major from the National University of Singapore. Tiffany Ling Jia Ying, National Day Parade […]


Stories of Transformations

On 3 July 2017, Heartware Network hosted a Fundraising Gala Dinner with the theme of ‘Take Heart, Transform Lives’ – a motif that encourages resilience in the face of adversity and transformation through acts of servant leadership. The Dinner, which was graced by President Dr Tony Tan and his wife Mrs Mary Tan, was filled […]


The Subtle Art of Leading

Over the June holidays (now done and dusted!), our tutor leaders from the Tuition Programme seized the opportunity to upgrade their leadership skills while other tutors and tutees enjoyed the well-deserved school break. Talk about maximizing your holidays! Though Heartware Network provides ample leadership training in event-based programmes like the National Day Parade Hospitality Management, […]


Why Stop When You Can Go Further!

What does ‘teachable spirit’ look like? Some marked characteristics include being aware of one’s own limitations, especially in knowledge and skills, and regularly seeking guidance to fill those gaps. In the presence of mentors, these individuals actively listen and take notes, and are prepared to change their viewpoints. The sincerity to learn motivates them to […]