9 Heart Values of a Heartware Leader


As of 6 May, we have two Leaders’ Training Sessions in the bag, and a next generation of Heartware Network leaders selected for the upcoming National Day Parade! Old birds have returned to guide the new kids round the block, who are still testing waters with what leadership skills they possess.

A leader’s road to personal excellence is not without challenges. But no matter the situation faced, there are core values that can guide our youth leaders to make the right decisions. Here are 9 values every Heartware Leader holds close to the heart:

#1 Respect


 While presenting his group’s ideas, Yi Wei listen and takes in other groups’ suggestions as well.

At the crux of every human interaction lies the principle of respect, which is to value individuals as they are. It is most ethical, but it is hard to do sometimes. Imagine having to truly value someone who rubbed you off the wrong way! A leader is able to keep emotions in check and give respect to others, even towards unfavourable and dissenting people. Remember that even if you do not agree, everyone deserves the right to be heard and valued. Do not be quick to dismiss other ways of thinking as there may be a hidden gem. To give others the time to shine, isn’t that what respect is all about?

#2 Responsibility

With great power comes great responsibility! Leaders carry out their duties with a heightened sense of ownership, knowing that their words and actions will have definite impact on those they lead. There is a duty to ensure good welfare to others, affirm that objectives can be met, goals achieved, and tasks completed. You are a responsible leader if you can see through the team’s progress to the end. Most importantly, the one responsibility no one else can carry for you is to take care of yourself well, so that you can best take care of others.

#3 Dedication


The YPC© puts in a lot of hours to make sure that training sessions goes well smoothly.

All of us juggle various commitments, and to do this well without compromising quality needs dedication. Often, a dedicated leader spends extra time and effort in effecting great outcomes, and this inspires others to attain a similar level of excellence and enthusiasm. It is easy to lose steam while working on a project, but dedication will keep you on the track.

#4 Integrity

A person of integrity is trustworthy and incorruptible. We don’t think twice about doing the right thing in front of others – especially if the act is simple, morally forthright, and ingratiating. But how about when no one else is watching, and you can choose to do the wrong thing? A leader with integrity maintains the conscience to carry out right deeds without needing acknowledgement, or fishing for attention and praise. They own up to their mistakes. They do these because their moral compass tells them to, which leads us to…

#5 Ethics

Ethics refer to well-founded standards for right and wrong. When you are at a moral crossroad, your ethics will guide you to act in ways that are fair and beneficial for all. This can be tricky, especially when not everyone subscribes to the same ethical standards as you do. We must aim to ensure that the decisions we make will neither sow discord nor result in unfair advantage to some over others.

#6 Professionalism & Excellence


The logistics team of NDP 2017 keeping a smile throughout the day.

Professionalism and excellence is being competent in what you do, unaffected by varying moods. This applies too when you are having a terrible day, and you just don’t want to be nice. Keep in mind that your words and actions have a ripple effect. So if you regulate your emotions well, you CAN still give it your best come what may. Be it dealing with demanding people or situations, always think positive, and carry out your duties calmly and professionally.

#7 Loyalty


 Nicole trusted and endured (or enjoyed) being piggybacked so as to complete the game.

A team whose members got each other’s back is a team that puts trust and loyalty at the forefront. Being loyal is being faithful to the goal of the team, and giving firm and constant support to each other so as to achieve that goal. A leader should stick with the team through thick and thin while guiding the way. Calls for harmony will remind teammates to overcome the obstacles together with a smile.

#8 Resilience

So life deals you a monstrous blow and you think you cannot get back up. This stumbling block has derailed you from your initial goals, making you feel like giving up. Overwhelming as it seems, the truth is that tough times don’t last. Tough people do. A leader is one who capitalizes positive thinking that can help the team to weather trials and ordeals. A resilient leader makes a resilient team that fears no failure. Check out some tips on how you can enhance mental and emotional resilience!

#9 Sincerity

Leave all facades and pretense behind, because to be sincere is to be honest. It is acting and communicating in accordance with one’s feelings. A good leader sets the tone for honest and sincere interaction: first within the self, next with his or her teammates, and then with all others.  A sincere leader earns more trust from his team members, and this strengthens the team. Remember…

If it is not from the heart, it is not worth doing!


  A group shot with NDP 2017 EXCO Chairman, Col Ong Yoke Lam Melvin.

This article is brought to you by the Heartware Network’s National Day Parade 2017 Media Team. You may not know us personally, but please know that we love to see you smile when we are taking photos of you at NDP. If you see us, don’t shy away and give us your widest smile! It will give us the motivation to carry on for the rest of the day :)